Rhinoceros Hornbill

Close-up photo of a Rhinoceros Hornbill bird.

Animal's Behavior
Rhino hornbills (Buceros rhinoceros) are large, beautiful birds with prominent orange and white beaks topped by a curved casque. It is the national bird of Malaysia.

Eating Habits
Rhinoceros hornbills eat fruit, small rodents, insects and other small birds.

Found throughout Singapore and southern Thailand, Borneo, Sumatra and Java.

Conservation Efforts
Breeding in captivity has proven difficult. There are several in-situ efforts underway to help bolster the population in its native habitat. Listed as “near threatened.”

Animal Fact
Hornbills nest inside tree trunks. The female is completely dependent upon the male for food. The nest and offspring are sealed up inside the tree trunk with just enough of an opening for the male to pass food in. Once the chicks are ready to leave the nest, the parents remove the dried mud and let the chicks out.