Malayan Sun Bear

Close-up of a Malayan Sun Bear climbing a tree.

Animal's Behavior
The smallest of the bear species, Sun Bears (Ursus malayanus) have impressive claws and short, sleek fur. A long, thin tongue assists in harvesting honey from bee hives – a favorite Sun Bear activity, along with climbing. The Sun Bear relies heavily on its sense of smell, as its eyesight is thought to be poor.

Eating Habits
Sun Bears love termites and ants, but have been known to consume more than 100 species of insects and more than 50 different kinds of plants. Figs are a favorite Sun Bear treat. The bears will also eat lizards, turtles and eggs.

Southeast Asia tropical rainforests

Conservation Efforts
Sun Bears can be a nuisance for farmers. They are also captured for the pet trade. Poaching is another threat, as the Sun Bear fur and bile are ingredients in some traditional Chinese medicines.

Animal Facts
Sun Bears appear to be pigeon-toed due to characteristically inward-turning feet.