East African Colobus Monkey

Close up of a Colobus Monkey holding on to a branch at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

Animal's Behavior
Colobus monkeys live in small groups of one to two males and three to 10 females. Their newborn offspring are completely white, developing their characteristic distinctive coloration as they mature.

Eating Habits
Colobus monkeys have been called somewhat sloppy eaters, but this makes them very effective at seed dispersal of the many plant species they consume. They eat leaves, fruit, seeds, flowers and bark—all food sources from their preferred home in the trees.

Native to Kenya, East Africa and coastal and inland African forests

Conservation Efforts
Colobus monkeys are listed as a species of least concern, although their numbers are under pressure because of habitat loss.

Animal Facts
Colobus monkeys have no thumbs and their call sounds like a loud rattle.