Close-up photo of a Cougar.

Animal’s Behavior
Native to the Americas, the cougar (Puma concolor) is actually closely related to the domestic cat. It is a solitary species, although females are very protective of their cubs. Life expectancy averages around 10 years.

Eating Habits
Cougars eat almost anything they can catch, including deer, rabbits, rodents and even insects.

The cougar has a wide range reaching from North America to South America. Historically found throughout the United States, it’s now mainly in the western U.S., although cougars have been sighted in Chicago and on the east coast.

Conservation Efforts
Cougars are listed as a species of least concern, but populations are on a general decline and cougars are protected across much of their range.

Animal Facts
Baby cougars have spots, which disappear by the time they are about 2 ½ years old.