Watoto Farm

Two zebu at Watoto Farm in Audubon Zoo.

An exciting interactive animal experience.

Watoto Farm at Audubon Zoo is an outdoor, interactive experience designed to engage children with hands-on activities and educational presentations.

Watoto Farm is located next door to the Watato Walk contact yard across from the Zoo’s giraffe exhibit. The exhibit’s must-see residents are a pair of miniature zebu, one of the planet’s oldest and smallest breed of cow. Zebu are native to the jungles of Southern India and the island of Sri Lanka. Audubon’s zebu are one-year-old Lulu, and Ravi, born in mid-May. Lulu and Ravi are both expected to stand only about 30 inches tall when fully grown. They will be joined by Margaret, a beloved 26-year-old Sicilian donkey who has brought smiles to guests’ faces since she arrived at Audubon Zoo as a two-year-old in 1994.

Sharing the space with the zebu are the giant Aldabra tortoises and two sulcata tortoises who are very personable and love meeting visitors. The sulcata is the third largest species of tortoise and both males weigh about 80 pounds. Rounding out the menagerie will be a free-range flock of a dozen domestic chickens. Visitors can participate in a daily bug toss and egg collection and learn just how smart chickens are!

“Watoto Farm gives guests a chance to catch up with familiar acquaintances like the Aldabra tortoises and the Sicilian donkey and get to know some new species like zebu,’’ said Audubon Zoo General Curator Joel Hamilton. “Through these fascinating animals, we hope visitors will learn a few things about sustainable farming both at home and in Africa and that they’ll start to be increasingly mindful about how their food is sourced.’’

This experience is included in Audubon Zoo admission.