Jaguar Jungle

Enter Jaguar Jungle and an ancient Mayan civilization.


Visit elusive jaguars as they stalk their glass-fronted exhibit in Jaguar Jungle. Jaguars are the most sacred animals of Mayan lore, and at Audubon Zoo they reside in a misty Mayan rainforest known as Jaguar Jungle. Take a moment to learn about the environment, animals, people and cultures of the verdant jungles and rainforests of South America with our recreated ruins, a dig site where young archeologists can unearth treasures and amazing animals like the endangered jaguars, giant anteaters, spider monkeys, macaws, and Brazilian ocelots

The Jaguar Jungle exhibit has expanded with new experiences!

The Nocturnal House
An archaeologist-themed exhibit features the "Criaturas de la Noche" (Creatures of the Night) Bat House, offering a glimpse of a jungle teeming with life after nightfall. A 42-foot, transparent flyway is filled with more than 200 Seba's short-tailed bats that thrive in the dark.The nocturnal house also includes vampire bats, ringtail cats, red-eyed tree frogs, giant cave roaches, Anthony's poison arrow frogs, Costa Rican zebra tarantulas, and engaging douroucouli—also known as Nancy Ma's night owl monkeys.

A herd of Alpaca, a domesticated South American species similar to llamas, roam inside a new habitat next to a spacious Maya Village plaza where families can relax.

Play Area
A children's play area features a climbing structure, space for presentations, and new restroom facilities.

Look for Maya symbols throughout the exhibit including those for jaguars, fish, and bats!