Watoto Walk

View of the entrance to Watoto Walk in Audubon Zoo.

Visit our animal encounter experience in the African Savanna exhibit!

Visit Watoto Walk at Audubon Zoo! This outdoor, open area offers kids a place to interact with free roaming goats and sheep. Designed to resemble a Masai village from the plains of Kenya or Tanzania it bears the name of Watoto which is Swahili for “children.’’

Located across from the giraffes in the Zoo’s African Savanna this 3,000-square-foot enclosure is home to Gulf Coast sheep, St. Croix sheep, Nigerian dwarf goats and domestic goats.

In this animal encounter experience visitors find themselves inside a miniature “boma,’’ an African village surrounded by a fence made of corkscrew willow branches designed to protect inhabitants and their livestock from predators. The village includes a rounded thatched hut that doubles as an education area featuring kid-friendly seating for eye-level presentations and interaction with the free roaming sheep and goats.

Watoto Walk is open from 10:30am to 3:30pm and is included in Audubon Zoo admission.