The Odenheimer area offers several locations for a beautiful outdoor event. This venue offers free parking.

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Location: Audubon Zoo


  • The historic Odenheimer Sea Lion Pool was built in 1928 and stands as an iconic Audubon Zoo landmark. It's circular colonnade rising within ancient oaks sets the stage for a perfect place to exchange your vows.
  • Graceful and elegant the Hygeia Fountain offers an element of water and reflection. Surrounded by giant oak trees a canopy of leaves creates subtle patterns of light and movement in this enchanted area.
  • The Odenheimer Arbor with the Popp Fountain features a wide patio area with slate steps leading down to an historic fountain. From the fountain—which was Audubon Zoo's original front entrance—guests can see Audubon Park's Oak Alleé which ends at Newman Bandstand.


  • Historic buildings and fountain setting
  • Surrounded by majestic moss-draped live oak trees
  • Sea Lion exhibit with colonnades
  • Outdoor, natural setting
  • Sunset ceremonies