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Audubon Nature Institute
Audubon Commission
Purchasing Office
6500 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70118

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Fax: (504) 866-1224
Office: (504) 212-5325

Insurance Requirements

All contractors who are to perform work on Audubon properties shall be required to carry the following insurance coverage. This includes but is not limited to construction contractors, artists, food vendors and any others who are performing services on Audubon Property. Insurance certificates shall be provided to the Purchasing office prior to the start of any work. Audubon Commission & Audubon Nature Institute shall be listed as an additional insured (to the extent Contractor/Audubon Commission/Audubon Nature Institute are indemnified pursuant to the indemnity provisions herein) on all certificates of insurance for all public works contracts, for all other work; Audubon Commission/Audubon Nature Institute shall be listed as a certificate holder. Audubon Commission/Audubon Nature Institute shall, be notified of any termination, of these stated insurance requirements. Certification must include; name and address of insurance company (must be authorized by an Insurance Department in Louisiana to transact business in the State of Louisiana): policy number, and liability coverage and amounts.

Audubon Commission/Audubon Nature Institute
Attn: Purchasing Director
6500 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70118

Worker’s Compensation (Audubon not required to be listed as additionally insured).

Employer’s Liability:

  • Each Accident: $500,000
  • Disease: $500,000
  • Policy Limit, Each Employee: $500,000

Automobile Liability (Only required if a automobile will be brought on property to perform work. If coverage is not provided, automobile will need to be parked in public parking).

  • $500,000 Each Person
  • $500,000 Each Accident

General Liability (including Premises Operations; Independent Contractors’ Protective, Products and Completed Operations, Broad Form Property Damage).

  • Bodily Injury $500,000 Each Occurrence $1,000,000 $2,000,000 Aggregate.
  • Property Damage $500,000 Each Occurrence $1,000,000 $2,000,000 Aggregate

Contractual Liability (Hold Harmless Coverage): Bodily Injury $500,000. Each Occurrence Property Damage: $500,000 Each Occurrence $1,000,000 Aggregate.

  • Personal Injury (with Employment Exclusion deleted, if applicable): $1,000,000 Aggregate.
  • If General Liability policy includes a General Aggregate, such General Aggregate shall not be less than $2,000,000.