Arnold, a lion at Audubon Zoo

Audubon Commission

Storey CharbonnetStorey Charbonnet

Member, Audubon Commission

Mr. Charbonnet earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Virginia. After graduating from UVA in 1990, Mr. Charbonnet worked in the Corporate Finance Department at the Robinson-Humphrey Company in Atlanta until 1995. Mr. Charbonnet is a Partner at Johnson Rice & Company, LLC, where he has been employed since March of 1995. He is co-founder of Green Turtle Partners, LP and the managing member of Green Turtle Capital Management, LLC, the General Partner. Mr. Charbonnet is Chairman of the Pro Bono Publico Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors of Good Shepherd Nativity Mission School, the Bureau of Governmental Research, the Institute of Mental Hygiene, the Libby-Dufour Foundation and Carrollton Boosters. He resides in New Orleans with his wife Anne Lynne Davis Charbonnet and their three boys, Davis, Storey and John.