Audubon Aquarium entrance

Shark Discovery

Check out our shark and ray touchpool named Shark Discovery

A topnotch attraction for visitors of all ages, Shark Discovery features a 13,000-gallon shark and ray touchpool that is home to a variety of species, including white spotted bamboo shark, epaulette shark, southern stingray, coral cat shark, bullnose ray, blue-spotted stingray, and cownose stingray. Images of sharks, rays, and fish fill the massive LED screen that runs the length of the pool, highlighting the richness of ocean biodiversity. 

Sharks play a vital role in top-down maintenance of ocean ecosystems around the world. Globally, many shark and ray species are threatened with extinction due in large part to overfishing and other harmful human activities. Audubon Aquarium partners with fellow AZA-accredited organizations to help Save Animals From Extinction (SAFE). AZA SAFE provides a collaborative approach to conservation, with specific projects, goals, and actions designed to address the needs of various endangered species, including sharks and rays.