Did you know that more than 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean each year worldwide? That’s roughly a dump-truck full of plastic every minute of every day!

The 9th annual Scales & Ales will highlight the Aquarium’s efforts to fight plastic pollution, one of the gravest threats facing marine wildlife today. Your support of Scales & Ales is an investment in critical conservation efforts that inspire millions of people each year to make a difference for wildlife.

Audubon is committed to empowering our communities and our visitors to shift away from single-use plastic and toward more environmentally-friendly options. In 2017, the Aquarium eliminated the use of plastic straws and bags and is working toward significantly reducing or eliminating plastic beverage bottles and showcasing innovative alternatives to plastic. This year, Scales & Ales will offer guests green alternatives, such as water served in aluminum cans rather than plastic bottles.

Thank you for partnering with Audubon to build a brighter future for the wonders of nature!