Commitments to our Guests and Staffs

  • Audubon will always place our guests’ and staff’s safety as our top priority.
  • We continue to monitor communications from:
    • The City of New Orleans and our mayor
    • The State of Louisiana and our governor
    • The CDC and other Federal agencies
  • Audubon will adhere to Orleans Parish’s reopening guidelines and reserves the right to add stricter requirements for the safety of our guests, staff, and the animals in our care.
  • We are committed to:
    • Providing you with a safe experience in a socially responsible environment.
    • Ensuring a safe work environment for our staff.
    • Continually adapting our plans as guidelines for gatherings evolve.

Occupancy Capacities, Limitations and Social Distancing Requirements

  • We follow the occupancy and capacities guidelines put forth by the City of New Orleans.
    • Maximum capacity includes both attendees and staff
    • Dancing is not allowed
    • Indoor live entertainment, which includes but is not limited to bands and karaoke, is not allowed. This limitation does not apply to DJs or to music played via a speaker system.
    • Outdoor live entertainment is only permitted in a fully enclosed outdoor space, such as an interior courtyard; state permit required.
  • Audubon will provide one Crowd Manager (per State requirement) for every 50 attendees.
  • Crowd Manager(s) will monitor attendees’ movements and actively enforce capacities and social distancing requirements.
  • Crowd Manager(s) will ensure outside waiting/staging areas are accessible.
  • Guests waiting to enter must maintain a distance of six feet between groups.
  • Event attendance will be by invitation only or by reservation by our Special Events Department.
  • Where RSVPs are at maximum capacity, it should be understood that any guest(s) beyond the maximum allowable capacity will be denied entry to the event; it is the responsibility of clients to ensure that their guest list is manageable per gathering limitations and does not risk exceeding capacity limits.
  • Where food and beverage services are provided, table seating shall follow City and State guidance for restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops.
  • We are currently only offering events with timed and seated food service—self-serve buffets and other common food service stations are not permitted.
  • Tray-passed items (hors d’oeuvres) will be hand-served to guests in a single unit, plated vessel by the server—not picked up or taken by the guests.
  • Seating, when provided, will be arranged so that a minimum of six feet of distance between individuals and small household groups is maintained; seating will not be allowed within six feet of aisles or pedestrian entrance and exits.
  • Group seating will not exceed 10 people and will be limited to members of the same household.
  • Physical contact between staff and guests is prohibited.
  • Gatherings in areas while entering, exiting or moving about is not allowed.

Recommended Considerations for Clients and Guests

  • Our clients and their guests are required to wear face masks or face coverings at all times, except while eating/drinking.
  • We recommend thermal screening for all attendees.
  • We provide hand sanitizer stations and encourage frequent use of sanitizer by clients, guests, and staff.
  • Please take proactive measures to ensure your group size complies with current Orleans Parish guidelines. Remember, staff are included in the guest size count.
  • Consider distancing guidelines when planning/mapping your event; food stations will not be allowed in Phase II – seated functions only.
  • Please encourage invitees not feeling well to stay home.
  • For additional information, please check Safe Reopening – NOLA Ready


  • All Audubon staff are temperature-screened before being allowed to work. Screenings for Special Events staff include thermal scans and a review of COVID symptoms before each shift.
  • Staff wear masks and gloves, wash hands often, and maintain a six foot distance from other staff and guests whenever possible.