Youth volunteers show a family different aquatic items as part of the Aquavan outreach program.

Imaginative programming from Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.

Audubon is developing a new suite of outreach programs that will debut in Fall 2019. Come back in October to discover these new educational opportunities!

Chevon blue and white logo.Sponsored by Chevron, the AquaVan brings the excitement of the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas into your classroom. Serving the Greater New Orleans Region, students can explore the natural treasures of a tropical rainforest, discover an ocean teeming with life, and even meet some animal neighbors from their own backyard! The AquaVan comes with amazing animals, enthusiastic presenters, and an endless fascination of nature’s wonders. Programs feature live aquatic or terrestrial animals and interactive hands-on displays for area schools and other venues. Thanks to a generous grant from Chevron, Title 1 schools within the Greater New Orleans Region are eligible for one FREE AquaVan visit per school year. Any additional visits within the school year will be given at the standard AquaVan rates.

  • AquaVan is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please book early, we book 2-3 months in advance.
  • The AquaVan accepts reservations up to 6 months in advance.
  • In lieu of a mileage fee we now require a 2 program minimum for presentations outside of Orleans and Jefferson parish. You can collaborate with teachers at your school or with teachers at nearby facilities to meet this minimum. Please contact us to find out when we will be in your area.
  • Please note the minimum age requirement for programs is 3 years old.

Reserve the AquaVan

  • Schools & Camps
    The AquaVan features a 30 - 45 minute interactive lesson for classroom-sized audiences up to 26 people for Pre-K-1st grade, and 35 people for 2nd grade and above. COST: $75.00 per presentation. A maximum of 4 presentations can be offered per visit.
  • Hospitals & Libraries
    The AquaVan program includes a 60-minute assembly-style presentation for audiences of all sizes. COST: $100 per presentation. 
  • Assembly Programs
    The AquaVan features an interactive presentation for 150 people. Please note the minimum grade for assemblies is 4th grade. COST: $275 per presentation. A maximum of 2 assemblies can be offered per visit.
  • Fairs & Festivals
    The AquaVan features an engaging tabletop program where guests are encouraged to explore the natural world through live animals and artifacts. COST: $200 per hour. Maximum of 3 hours per event.

Classroom Programs:

  • Fossil or Fiction? (K-6th)
    Did you know that 95% of fossils come from marine invertebrates? What about the fact that fossils can show exactly how special each adaptation an organism that is preserved can have? Come with us on a very special journey back in time to explore the growth and development of some pre-historic animals through the study of fossils… and some interesting animals that have managed to stick around for millions of years because of their fascinating and highly effective adaptations!
  • No Bites About It! (1st-6th)
    Who knew animals had such curious ways of grabbing a bite to eat! Learn about different animals’ adaptations that help them eat their favorite meal and why. Discover what different animals eat, how their teeth and jaws are formed, and why they eat what they eat through visual comparisons.
  • A Day At The Beach (PreK-6th)
    Dive into the world of sea creatures and explore some of the habitats and animals living in the world’s seas. Get up close to find out how they move, what they eat, and why we need to protect them!
  • Rainforest Rendezvous (PreK-6th)
    Explore the different levels of a rainforest and find out what makes some animals especially suited for survival there. Home to nearly half the animal and plant species in the world, tropical rainforests are disappearing! Find out what we can do to help!
  • Swamp Stomp (PreK-6th)
    Discover life in your own back yard and find out what animals are living in the swamps and bayous of South Louisiana. Take a close look at how these animals are living right beneath your nose without being detected.
  • Wiggly, Jiggly, Slithering Locomotive Animals (PreK-K)
    How can a snake move without any legs? Get on your feet and clap your hands, and learn how animals move! Let’s have fun exploring animal movement!
  • Yuck! Gross Animals (2nd-6th)
    Skunks are stinky but did you know that their smell makes them unappealing to predators? Animals and humans have some pretty gross features and habits, but for a reason...let’s have some gross fun!

For additional questions about AquaVan or our programs, call (504) 378-2639 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.