Shelter #10 & Newman Bandstand

Shelter located on Magazine in Audubon Park in New Orleans.

Located on Magazine, near the Golf Clubhouse

For outdoor events like family reunions, corporate picnics and kids birthday parties, New Orleans has many options. Audubon Shelter rentals are affordable and perfect for your next event.

Located on Magazine, near the Golf Clubhouse, and across the street from the Audubon Zoo. Shelter and bandstand rental is $1,000/day or $1,500/day for all races/walkathons. Water and electricity are provided for cooking and small appliances. Spacewalks are allowed but users must provide a generator for power, and submit a certificate of insurance at least 10 days in advance of event.  Newman Bandstand is the only location in Audubon Park where amplified music is permitted. Music with profanity will not be tolerated. A $300 deposit is required to place Port-O-Lets on park grounds.

Rental details:

  • Sq ft: 6,600
  • Outlets: 8
  • Capacity: 80 seated / 200 sheltered
  • Table: 4
  • Restrooms: Men's and Women's
  • Security/parking attendant fees are included for all events.
  • Shelter Rules

This shelter can only be reserved (4) four months in advance. Races/walkathons may reserve (12) months in advance for registration and solicitation of participants/sponsors.
Newman Bandstand was recently named Best Place in New Orleans for Poetic Inspiration by Where Y'at Magazine