Coming Soon – the new shark and ray touchpool named “Shark Discovery”

The new 13,000-gallon pool measures approximately 60-feet-long by 16-feet at its widest point – six times the size of the current ray touchpool at the Aquarium. A massive interactive LED screen running the entire length of the pool will offer interactive educational programming to teach guests about the animals in the pool and their important roles in their ecosystems.

The habitat spans much of the Aquarium’s second floor and is the largest project at the Aquarium since the 2014 opening of the Great Maya Reef. The gallery is located between the penguin and sea otter habitats, across from the seahorse display.

Sharks play a vital role in top-down maintenance of ocean ecosystems around the world. Globally, shark and ray species are threatened with extinction largely due to overfishing and other unsustainable human practices. As a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium (AZA), Audubon Aquarium has partnered with fellow member organizations to help Save Animals From Extinction (SAFE). AZA SAFE provides a new approach for collaborative conservation — the AZA SAFE Conservation Action Plan includes specific projects, goals, and actions to address the needs of each species, including sharks and rays.