Perhaps our most popular pastime... watching penguins at play!

Close-up of an African Penguin with it's head peering through clear water.

Penguin Panorama: More than 20 African Penguins, ranging in ages, make up the penguin colony at Audubon Aquarium. Many of the birds in our colony are offspring born right here at the Aquarium and raised by our staff, while others are visitors from other zoos and aquariums around North America.

Come and enjoy watching our penguin colony as they waddle, dive, and climb all around their temperate, rocky exhibit. African Penguins are native to South Africa, and are well adjusted to living in a warm environment. To keep dry and insulated in cooler water, African penguins are covered in dense, water-proof feathers. These feathers are white on the belly and black on the back, which aids in camouflage. Juvenile African Penguins are charcoal-gray, and receive their first “tuxedo” of black and white at 17 to 18 months of age. Males have blue name tags on the right flipper, and females have red tags on their left flipper. We have a number of pairs nesting in our colony, so watch for courtship behaviors and pairs going about their nest-building activity.

Penguin feedings occur every day at 10:30am and 2:30pm, where you are invited to ask our staff any questions you've ever wanted to ask about penguins.

Penguin Pass is on hiatus until further notice, unsure it even needs to be advertised here.