Nature School

3 children in blue school uniform shirts react to a hands-on display at Audubon Louisiana Nature Center

August 2017 - May 2018: Offer your students an enhanced learning experience at Audubon Louisiana Nature Center.

Nature Schools provide an opportunity to give your students an enhanced and engaging learning experience while on a field trip to the Nature Center. All programs are aligned with state science standards, and many can be modified for any age group. Programs allow for a maximum of 60 students (30 per session). Our Education staff can also tailor programs to fit curriculum needs.

All programs are also available for home-school groups of 10 or more students.

Wetland Dissection (ALL Ages) – Animal adaptations aren’t just on the outside! Expose your students to the exciting world of anatomy without the mess and odor it leaves in your classroom. Our trained instructors will guide your class through the dissection of a preserved plant or animal specimen. The type of specimen dissected will depend on the class grade level. The programs costs $150.00 per 30 students ($5.00 per student) to cover the cost of supplies. (45 minutes per session)

Water Wonders (ALL Ages) – 71% of the planet’s surface is water. This outdoor program seeks to help train students as young scientists and promote stewardship through the awareness that local environments function as part of larger, connected ecosystems. Students will learn about the properties of wetlands and other aquatic environments while conducting scientific data collection. (45 minutes per session)

Population Explanation (ALL Ages) – Learn about how populations of animals and plants affect each other. Explore animals’ adaptations for survival and how working together can allow a population to succeed or fail. (45 minutes per session)

Science Fair 101 (ALL Ages) – A science fair can be self-validating and exciting because it is not just practice. It involves real discovery of little known -or even new- information while developing a personal power of importance in students. Unfortunately, the very process that makes a science project so rewarding can also be intimidating, so students are afraid to engage fully or are unsure how to proceed, and so miss out on the many benefits of a properly realized project. This program aims to bolster student confidence and provide a comprehensive introduction into the "how and why" of science projects, so that their next experience will not be limited by self-doubt or confusion. (45 minutes per session)

The Reasons for the Seasons (ALL Ages) – Learn the science behind lights, shadows and seasons. We will explore the relation of the Sun, Moon and Earth and how that relationship creates seasons. (45 minutes per session)

Age: Most school programs can be adapted for any age group.
Time: Two sessions are held from 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM or 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
Cost: $100 per group of 30 students (except for Wetland Dissections). There is no cost to enter the Nature Center.

Don’t have time for a school program? Add a Self-Guided Exploration to your field trip. A Self-Guided Exploration is an age-appropriate activity guide that your students complete during their visit. An Educator will meet your group at the front entrance and assist with check-in and then escort the group into the facility, highlight special activities, and answer any questions. Each student receives an activity guide and pencil as part of the $1.00 per student charge. We can accommodate up to 200 students.

For more information about Nature Schools, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (504) 378-2639.

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