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Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, Inclusion

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flowerAt Audubon Nature Institute, our goal is to positively impact the natural world and our community while encouraging and welcoming everyone to join these efforts. We invite a diversity of backgrounds, a mixture of perspectives, an array of abilities to join in our efforts. Because ultimately, nature does not care who you are, where you come from, or how you fit in — it only cares that you care.

Mission Statement:

leafDoing a world of good takes all of us—from all walks of life. All backgrounds and beliefs. All races and religions. All genders and orientations. All abilities and identities. We at Audubon Nature Institute are a dynamically diverse group of human beings committed to working together, cultivating an inclusive culture thereby impacting the natural world in profoundly positive ways.

Our Desired Outcomes:

Attract + Hire

  • Cultivate new sourcing partnerships to create a wider candidate funnel that increases diversity across key areas.

Humanize Experience 


    • Targeted training by departments to ensure diversity and inclusion is infused into everything we do. Topics to include bias, micro-aggressions, and allyship. Review processes and procedures by department to ensure inclusive practices.
    • Audit performance, promotion, and compensation data semi-annually for consistency/adverse impact. Launch communication campaign for existing processes and ensure managers/leaders are following through.

    Create Community

    • Create and document a community partnership framework that is inclusive of and prioritizes access for marginalized communities of our region.
    • Target community education efforts toward specific partners that align with our values and diversity, equity, access, and inclusion.
    • Formalize and more broadly communicate Audubon's supplier diversity program. Increase participation of diverse business in contracts.

    DEAI Committee

    The DEAI Committee intends to build a more inclusive work environment and a better sense of community for team members from all areas of the organization. The committee will also celebrate our diversity, bring attention to what makes us all so unique, and dive into how we can all work together to make Audubon Nature Institute better.