Arnold, a lion at Audubon Zoo

Audubon Commission

Catherine MorrellCatherine Morrell

Member, Audubon Commission

Catherine Mielke Morrell is a former teacher, who has a passion for improving the lives children. She is a student working towards obtaining a graduate degree to work with special needs kids. She served on the Behavior Analysts Licensure and Regulation Study Commission in 2012, working to expand the services available for those in need. The daughter of Lieutenant Air Force Colonel Charles Mielke, she has lived all over the world, but her New Orleans roots run deep. She is the grand-daughter of the late Clarence Giarrusso, the Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department in the 1970s. She completed her undergraduate degree at Louisiana State University. Catherine resides in New Orleans with her two children, Fiona and Jude, as well as her husband, Jean-Paul. She serves on the Audubon Commission and on the Board of the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts.