Cabana rentals

Cabana Rentals

Cabana Rentals

Cabanas are available for rent on the Splash Pad, Lazy River, and near the Elephant exhibit during Cool Zoo seasonal hours. 

Cabana Rental – (Session 1:  10 AM - 1 PM)
12 Cabanas will be available for rent in the morning Cool Zoo session 

Cabana Rental -- (Session 2:  2 PM - 5 PM
8 Cabanas will be available for rent in the afternoon Cool Zoo session

$75 Non-Members / $50 Members 
Per Session*

Please be sure to review your cabana selection. Some cabanas come with lounge chairs, others are picnic style. Cabanas must match the session date/time of your Cool Zoo tickets and may not be exchanged day of visit. 

Zoo and Cool Zoo tickets are required to purchase a cabana. 

Personal Events or gatherings of any kind may not be hosted in a cabana.
Rainchecks DO NOT apply to cabana rentals.
All food and beverage entering Cool Zoo must fit inside a cooler no larger than 14qts. 

Cabana Rules

    • Cabanas may not be decorated, and personal parties may not be hosted in a cabana. 
    • Cabanas may only be purchased once guest has purchased both Zoo and Cool Zoo tickets. 
    • Only credit cards are accepted. 
    • Audubon Members will receive a discount off the original cabana price. 
    • Audubon’s software use may include a $1 processing fee. 
    • When booking a cabana, one acknowledges that the space is outdoor and subject to inclement weather. There are no refunds for cabanas due to inclement weather. 
    • There are no refunds for cabanas. All cabana purchases are final. 
    • Cabanas may be rescheduled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the date scheduled. 
    • One is responsible for confirming that the cabana was purchased on the same date as their purchased Cool Zoo Tickets 
    • Cabanas do not guarantee a fan. 
    • Guest is responsible for understanding the cabana that is booked. Please review the map and details of the cabana prior to booking. Cabanas may not be exchanged for a different location day of. 
    • No guests may wear masks with intent to hide their identity (i.e. costumes) while on Audubon grounds. 
    • Personal music or speakers are not permitted. 
    • Personal alcohol is not permitted.
    • Glass is not permitted within Cool Zoo 
    • No live animals are permitted within Zoo or Cool Zoo grounds. 
    • Cabanas have a capacity of 4 individuals. 
    • No ice chests over 14 quarts 
    • No outside alcohol is allowed. 
    • All other rules must be followed as listed on the Audubon website and as posted throughout zoo and cool zoo grounds. 
    • No balloons, bubbles, pinatas, streamers, single use plastic, water toys, or confetti are allowed on zoo or cool zoo grounds.