Shelter Rules

Rental policies, rules and hours of operation.

Audubon Park Shelters are available for rental from 9:00am to 5:00pm

There is a $75 permit fee for any gathering in Audubon Park or the Riverview for parties of 25 or more.

There is a $150 permit fee for any gathering at the Tree of Life for parties of 25 or more.

It is strongly suggested that reservations be submitted at least one week prior to the event date. Please call 504-212-5420.

Park and Riverview Rules:

  1. Parking or driving on the grass, paved or unpaved jogging or bike paths is prohibited. Parking is available in Audubon Zoo parking lot, on Magazine Street, on St. Charles Avenue and adjacent streets to the park. You are responsible for making sure your guests do not park in Clubhouse/Golf Course parking lot. NOPD/Security officer must be utilized for this purpose. Violators will be towed at the owner's expense.

  2. Amplified music, live bands and DJ’s are Not Allowed at Audubon Park, Shelter #11, Shelter #12 or the Riverview. Amplified music is only allowed at Newman Bandstand. The exception to this rule, whereby live or amplified music will be allowed, is for a limited number of specific Audubon sponsored events. Please call for details.

  3. Water slides, dunking booths and swimming pools are not allowed in the park or on park grounds. In addition, kayaking, canoeing and sport boating are not allowed in the lagoons, ponds or bodies of water in Audubon Park.

  4. Horses or live animal rides (ponies, etc.) are prohibited.

  5. Carnival rides such as carousels, trains, and miniature ferris wheels are prohibited.

  6. Tents must be less than 120 sq. ft. Any tent larger than this must be approved by the Park Event Coordinator.

  7. Restrooms are available to the general public at each shelter.

  8. Water and electricity are provided for food preparation and small appliances.

  9. Spacewalks are allowed. Users must provide a generator for power, and submit faxed certificate of insurance at least 10 days in advance of event.

  10. Groups using shelters are responsible for bagging and disposing of all trash. Please do not leave trash or food on the ground. Hot coals can NOT be dumped on grass or in garbage cans.

  11. No individuals or groups will be permitted to sell any food, drinks, novelties, newspapers or general merchandise within the confines of Audubon Park, or charge admission to any event.

  12. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, by law, for any person under the age of 21. Glass containers are prohibited.

  13. Groups larger than 50 renting a shelter are required to bring a copy of their signed and dated permit form to the Park on the day of their event.

  14. Refunds will NOT be issued for cancellations unless the Audubon Zoo is closed on the day of the event due to hurricane conditions, flooding, or acts of war. Fees paid for an event cancelled by a group may be applied toward the next available agreed upon date. Groups who cancel must submit their cancellation in writing in advance, or on the day of their originally scheduled event, to receive credit toward another reservation. Events can be rescheduled one time and must be rescheduled within the same calendar year of the  original booking in order to apply the credit.

  15. Audubon will not be responsible for payment of equipment or services to outside vendors which a group has scheduled for an event.

  16. All groups are responsible for their own equipment and property. Audubon does not assume responsibility for any group's property.

  17. Each group renting a shelter and/or the Park must sign a waiver worded as follows.

  18. Audubon may terminate a group’s permit and event if the group does not comply with any of the above rules, or any City of New Orleans laws or ordinances, or the group deviates from the use for which the permit was assigned.If Audubon terminates a group’s permit or event, Audubon will retain all rental fees.

  19. Groups will indemnify and hold harmless Audubon Commission, Audubon Nature Institute and the City of New Orleans from and against:
  • All damage to the property of Audubon Commission, Audubon Nature Institute, or the City of New Orleans physically located in the Park that is caused during the holding of the activity by a group, or by his or its officers, directors, agency, employees, members, partners, or by any other person who attends the activity.
  • All expenses incurred by Audubon Commission and Audubon Nature Institute in paying its own personnel in excess of 40 man hours, as a direct and immediate result of the activity of repair, clean up or replacement of Park property in the area where the activity was held.