Audubon Park offers three playgrounds for outdoor play.

Exposition Boulevard Playground
Located in the front of Audubon Park near St. Charles Avenue and Exposition Blvd.

Walnut Street Playground
Located in the front of Audubon Park near St. Charles Avenue and Walnut Street.

Thanks to a generous donation from Saints star quarterback Drew Brees and wife Brittany, Audubon Park visitors can now enjoy a pioneering playground that offers inclusive recreational opportunities for children—and adults—of all abilities.

The new Walnut Street Playground promotes interactive physical, cognitive, visual and hearing experiences for all. The unique design offers a welcoming environment for children with mobility challenges, including playground equipment accessible for people who use wheelchairs. In addition, the design presents a variety of features that provide sensory engagement and promote the development of motor skills. There are benefits for adults, too. For parents and grandparents who face mobility challenges, the new playground is built to encourage cross-generational play, a key to building strong family ties.

Examples of the inclusive playground features are wheelchair-accessible areas, including a bongo drum panel that allows children to have fun with rhythm and tone, a Braille and Clock Panel, a Periscope Reach, a Ring-a-Bell Reach and a bridge with guardrails. The largest playground feature is the “ZipKrooz,” a two-way ride similar to a zip line, which includes a track with a bucket seat for children with limited core strength. The playground also offers conventional attractions such as slides, parallel bars, a balance beam, boogie board and tightrope bridge.

Riverview Playground
Located on the Riverview near the Baseball fields.