Close up of a yellow and green parakeet.

Animal's Behavior
The budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulates), also known as a budgie or parakeet, is a small colorful bird native to Australia. Budgerigars are very intelligent and social, which leads them to live in large colonies or flocks. Depending on food and water availability, budgie flocks can number into the thousands. Wild type budgies have green body plumage with yellow head feathers. Captive breeding has resulted in shades of blue, gray, luteo (yellow), white or combinations.

7 inches tall; 27 - 32 grams

Eating Habits
Budgies eat a variety of seeds, plant and flower material, and fruits and vegetables.

Conservation Efforts
Budgerigars are classed as a least concern species. They exist in large numbers throughout the continent of Australia.

Animal Facts
Figuring out which budgerigars are female and which are male is a relatively easy task. Males have bluish ceres (fleshy areas around nostrils), while females have whitish-brown ceres.