Elephants, orangutans and a rare white tiger can be found here.

Journey to Asia and visit some of the beautiful and exotic animals native to this part of the world. In this section of the Zoo, visitors will find Asian elephants in an exhibit with a whole new look! In addition to offering plenty of shade, a new elevated pavilion serves as an engaging, Asian-themed interpretive center providing visitors with a birds-eye view of Audubon’s beloved elephants. Their expansive new home is contoured with gentle inclines, shade trees and an "enrichment log” (which allows the elephants to forage for food). Their exhibit also has two elephant pools: a four-foot splash pool on one end and a 12-foot-deep immersion pool on the other end close to Cool Zoo splash park.

The new elephant habitat is part of a major redesign of this area that includes a new orangutan exhibit. Located at the former site of the historic elephant exhibit, the orangutans are enjoying a new home with plenty of structures for swinging and climbing. Learn more about these endangered animals through the colorful interpretive signage and engaging presentations from education and animal staff!

Other exotic residents in this area include our Amur leopards, white tiger, sun bears and babirusas!