Audubon Park Venues

Lush and inviting, Audubon Park is a naturally beautiful destination to pledge your vows in an outdoor ceremony. Because Audubon Park is first and foremost a public park, we cannot reserve a designated area for your outdoor event unless you reserve a private location like the Newman Bandstand or Oak Grove.

If you choose not to reserve a private location, New Orleans rules state a first-come/first-serve basis for these public venues. However, we find folks in New Orleans love a party, they are genuinely happy to hear a celebration is planned and they easily disperse once they understand what is taking place. Often, the area will be vacated once a small sign advising park-goers is properly placed. That said, we must remind you that having an outdoor wedding ceremony in a public park always involves risks. A permit is mandatory for all events of more than 25 people to cover security and clean-up costs; a $75 fee is associated with all permits.

  • The Labyrinth
    Created as a calming, meditative space, the Labyrinth is a gift to park-goers to provide respite and escape from daily pressures. What better place to speak your intentions for the future?
  • Tree of Life
    Many couples choose The Tree Of Life for their special day due to the legend which says the tree was first planted as a wedding gift for the bride of a New Orleans plantation owner many years ago. And the gift of love still stands today. 
  • St. Charles Avenue Entrance
    The St. Charles Avenue entrance to Audubon Park is quite possibly the grandest and most majestic area of the park. Located steps from the streetcar line, it is not uncommon for couples and wedding parties, dressed in wedding finery, to arrive by streetcar for a ceremony in this charming location.
  • Cecile’s Crepe Myrtle Grove
    The crepe myrtle grove is exactly as named. There is a circular path around the grove and a small open field in the middle, a perfect setting to pledge vows. This area is beautifully landscaped and graced with dozens of crepe myrtles.
  • Audubon Park Shelters
    To reserve one of the shelters in Audubon Park, please reserve your date and time online.

If you find planning an outdoor event too stressful, please contact our professional event planners. We can offer alternate catered venues to create a perfect wedding memory.

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