An invertebrate outreach education program.

The Bugmobile is a mobile education program brought to you by Audubon Zoo educators.  This interactive  educational program  offers up-close encounters with arthropods from your backyard and around the world.  Students can connect to science benchmarks such as: life-cycle, habitats, classification and much more with age appropriate lessons and activities.

  • Bugmobile is reserved on a first come, first served basis. Please book early, we are booked 2-3 months ahead.
  • Bugmobile is accepting reservations up to 6 months in advance!
  • In lieu of a mileage fee we now require a 2 program minimum for presentations outside of Orleans and Jefferson parish. You can collaborate with other teachers at your school and nearby facilities or contact us to find out when we will be in your area! 
  • Bugmobile offers programming to all ages and will visit schools, camps, churches and more! Presentations include 4-5 live invertebrates.

Reserve the Bugmobile

Bugmobile program types:

  • Schools and Camps
    The Bugmobile features a 30-45 minute interactive lesson for classroom sized audiences up to 26 students for Pre-K-1st grade and up to 35 students for 2nd grade and above, $75.00 per presentation. See some of our program options below.
  • Hospitals and Libraries
    The Bugmobile  presentation includes an assembly style presentation for audiences of all sizes, $100.00 per hour.
  • Fairs and Festivals
    The Bugmobile features an interactive tabletop program where guests are urged to explore the insects and arthropods from the region along with the larger ones from other parts of the world.  Guests are encouraged to ask questions and even bring bugs in for identification, $200.00 per hour.

Classroom/Camp/Homeschool Programs:

    • Early Entomologists (preK - 3rd)
      What's in a bug? Learn what it means to be an insect or an arachnid, how to tell them apart, and why they matter. This program introduces students to the wonders of invertebrates, the scientists who study them, and can be adapted for a variety of ages.
    • Get a Life Cycle (preK - 5th)
      Little bugs, big changes! Some bugs just need to grow up. Join us to "insectigate" metamorphosis and compare the life cycles of various invertebrates. Learners will compare and contrast larva, pupa and adult organisms. Live animals will primarily be adult bugs along with biofacts and pictures of various stages.
    • What's for Lunch? (2nd - 7th)
      Order up! Bugs are a critical part of our world and the food chain. They exist around us in huge numbers and we depend on them for survival. Learn about the impact these little critters have on us and get the chance to join the food chain and eat a bug!
    • Little bodies, BIG jobs (2nd - 5th)
      They may be tiny, but these bugs sure do have BIG jobs. Let’s meet some of the important animals that play a BIG role in keeping our ecosystem in balance. In this lesson we will explore the different jobs that consumers, producers, and decomposers have and why they are so important.

Assembly Programs:

      • Magic of Metamorphosis (K-4th)
        ABRACADABRA BEES AND BUTTERFLIES! Come explore the “Magic of Metamorphosis” thru this life changing magic show. We will compare the different life cycles and talk about the magical way they go from one stage to the other. Lots of magical surprises in this fun show!

For additional questions about the Bugmobile or our programs, call (504) 378-2639 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.