Keeper II-III (Temp) (Audubon Species Survival Center)

About the Freeport-McMoRan Audubon Species Survival Center:
 Full-time 6-month Temporary Animal Keeper II-III, non- benefited.

• Applications will be accepted through May 13th, 2017.

• Start date is subject to passing a background check and drug screening.

To apply, fill out application. All applicants must include:

• Coverletter 

• Resume

• 3 reference contacts.

The Freeport-McMoRan Audubon Species Survival Center (FMASSC) is one of the ten facilities run by the Audubon Nature Institute. It is a unique piece of property that expands approximately 1,000 acres in an area designated as the English Turn (just south of the city of New Orleans). Historically, the FMASSC was well known for its state of the art research facility, the “Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species (ACRES),” which was involved in reproductive research techniques to help save endangered species, specifically felids. The site also houses the Audubon Aquatics Center, an off-site holding and stranding rehab facility for the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, and the Crane Recovery Programs, focusing on the breeding and release of Mississippi sandhill and whooping cranes. 
Currently the FMASSC is experiencing an exciting time of growth and transition. A recent partnership with San Diego Zoo Global has resulted in a new initiative, the “Alliance for Sustainable Wildlife,” which will develop the property into a large breeding center for endangered species, specifically ungulates and birds. The goal is to house and breed herds of ungulates in large forested paddocks, including species such as okapi, bongo, giraffe, sable, barasingha, banteng, sitatunga, duiker, etc.. This new partnership program is designated to start in 2017 after the first phase of construction is complete (late Spring). Audubon is currently looking for a temporary animal keeper to cover a variety of husbandry and assigned projects over the next 6 months at the Audubon Species Survival Center.

Job Description:

Reporting directly to the Curator, this keeper position will have an assortment of assigned tasks including, but limited to, husbandry duties of various taxa, projects related to the opening of new enclosures, and renovation projects in existing areas. Responsibilities include assisting with medical procedures, keeping clear and organized records, and meeting the physical requirements of the job. This position requires the keeper to be able to work independently and on a team in both leader and follower capacities. Keeper levels are based on experience and education. Pay scale is based on the Keeper level. This position will end 6 months after assigned start date.


• Provide daily husbandry of the captive ungulates, birds, and felids as assigned.
• Enclosure cleaning and maintenance.
• Preparation and administering of enrichment items and involvement in training programs.
• Assist in the hand-rearing of animals, if needed.
• Identify and perform routine maintenance. Often conducting many projects at one time. • Perform routine grounds/landscaping tasks.
• Maintain records, including using ZIMS record software, and conduct behavioral observations. 
• Assist in the supervision of interns and volunteers.
• Assist veterinary and supervisory staff in treating animals as assigned.
• Prepare and follow prescribed diets and feeding procedures. 
• Perform physical, and sometimes repetitive, tasks outdoors, in extreme heat, high humidity, heavy rain, and around a wide array of potentially harmful wild snakes, insects and poisonous plants. This position is very strenuous and labor intensive.
• Follow Audubon and local gov’t agency’s nuisance wildlife & pest protocols.
• Pleasantly receive and follow direction, follow protocols, and follow safety requirements.
• Ability to work independently and on a team.
• Ability to work around and make adjustments for large animals, small animals, aggressive species, and flighty species.
• Ability to learn and read animal behavior.
• Maintain regular attendance in compliance with Audubon Nature Institute’s standards, as required by scheduling which may vary according to the needs of the organization.
• Maintain high standards of personal appearance and grooming, which includes wearing the proper uniform and name tag when working.
• Comply with Audubon Nature Institute’s standards and regulations to encourage safe and efficient operations.

Desired Skills: 

• Keeper levels vary depending on experience and education. A Keeper II must have, at least, 
• High School diploma and 2 years of animal experience at an AZA institution or an Associate’s degree and 18 months animal experience at an AZA institution or a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (or related field).
• A proven interest of birds, felids and hoofstock.
• Must have accurate oral and written communication skills.
• Prior experience with Species360 ZIMS software ideal, but not required
• Must possess basic arithmetic skills, including solving percentage questions and using.

Environmental/Working Conditions:

• Lift, carry, push, and pull 50 lbs, ability to lift up to 75 lbs, and team lift 100 lbs.
• Ability to stoop, walk for extended periods, stand for extended periods, jump, and maneuver quickly when needed.
• Ability to anticipate, identify, prevent, and solve problems.
• Must have good common sense, the ability to think constructively, and able to take constructive criticism and direction.
• Risk periodic exposure to fairly predictable and controllable hazards associated with wild animals and zoonotic diseases. 
• Possess a good attitude and able to produce quality work in fast paced, high pressure situations.
• Excellent communication skills. Convey information and ideas clearly and in a timely manner.
• A current tetanus shot and proof of a negative TB test (within 6 months) prior to starting.
• A valid driver’s license and reliable transportation.
• Willingness and ability to work weekends, holidays, and overtime
• Proficient in basic computer processing.
• Be able to pass background check and drug screen

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